Reply To: firefly and FrontRow (video related)


@wonko wrote:

When you load a video file into iTunes, it shows up under the Videos option of FrontRow instead of the Music option of FrontRow (iMovie icon vs. iTunes icon)

Is there a way to get firefly to offer video up in such a manner as to get FrontRow to see it as shared under the Video section? This is how I would like it to be if at all possible.

That being said, I’m also having the same issues of audio-only when playing from a firefly share (ubuntu 7.04) when I attempt to play videos through iTunes or FrontRow.

Other than that, firefly is *awesome* and all our music will shortly be moved to a non-mac for storage!


I haven’t spent a lot of time working with video features, as only recently did frontrow start working.

Now that it is, I need to get started on fixing some of that stuff up.

I’m going to ask that you table that until I get the playlists fixed up, and then I’ll take a look at fixing some of the metadata parsing for videos. There are a bunch of new metadata that iTunes wants that I don’t have.

I need to fix up stuff like podcasts and all that, too, so let me get finished up on playlists and I’ll be tackling that after that.

— Ron