Reply To: Avahi startup w/ init scripts prevents mt-daapd from working


@Kymnyth wrote:

I am running ubuntu feisty fawn. When I allow avahi to start using the init scripts on boot-up and start mt-daapd I can’t see it in iTunes on my windows box. However if I then kill the avahi daemons running and start them again and then start mt-daapd it shows up in iTunes on my windows box. Any clues on what may be preventing this from running properly at boot-up?


Look at your /etc/rc3.d directory and see what order they are starting in (that’s the SXX value — higher numbers start later) and make sure it’s starting AFTER avahi.

You can also check the syslog (/var/log/messages) and see what errors mt-daapd is throwing.

— Ron