Reply To: svn 1586 on CentOS5 can’t handle more than 10141 files


@kiwi wrote:

After ripping the result of 15 year of CD buying and a couple of years of downloading podcast I have +22.000 mp3 files available.

Using the latest nightly svn 1586 I was able to scan and see the number of songs go over 10..000, 12000, 14000 and when I come back I see that the number of songs at the end of the scan is 10141 songs.

That is less than half of what is sitting in the directory.

Can someone confirm issues with firefly, sizing issues or diagnostic information of the scanning process.

(I’m using the nightlies because I just bought a soundbridge in Germany and the Euro soundbridge has not the same features as the US (Roku) soundbridge. Basically the Euro soundbridge from Pinnacle does not interact with Itunes , does not support daapd and is too expensive considering this info. The problem with the different functionality and supported protocols is not really mentioned by Pinnacle or Roku.)

If somebody wants to have a script to automatically download the nightlies; compile, install, configure and open the right firewall port … I have it ready for CentOS5.

Nope, not a sizing issue. Best startup line I’ve seen so far:

2006-08-20 19:53:16 (b7f506c0): Serving 116420 songs. Startup complete in 50 seconds

If you aren’t seeing all your files, it’s one of four things:

1. Permissions issue on a folder stops firefly from traversing it
2. File extensions aren’t on the extensions config
3. Bad file chokes the tag parser & crashes server
4. Other bug I haven’t seen yet.

The trick is to identify a file that isn’t on the list. Once you have that, pop your debug logging up to 5 using the web interface, set a log file, and do a full rescan.

Once it finishes, search for any errors in the log file, or search for a path fragment of the file that’s missing. Watch (via the logs) it search toward the file and see where it stops scanning. That’s a permissions thing. If it log just stops, then move the last song it says it was going to scan out of hte way — it’s crashing the server. If it just plain skips it with no error, then I’d really like to see a level 9 log, because then something crazy is afoot.

— Ron