Reply To: Can no longer modify Firefly Config on NSLU2


@pietc wrote:

Well, today was quite a rollercoaster on the learning curve! Very many thanks to those who helped. I took the advice and upgraded to the latest nightly and, once I’d messed up the config file, uninstalled mt-daapd and reinstalled from scratch, what a difference in speed and performance – it’s really impressive.

Oh, I’m now a black belt in PuTTY and SSH as well (well, at least a yellow belt!).

Please may I ask a supplementary without starting a new thread? I don’t use i-Tunes, so could someone please advise me on the best way to create my own playlists using Cleative MediaSource, Windows Media or similar, and in what format I need to save them? Also, any other clever tips would be appreciated.

Again, many thanks.


Piet c.

There are lots of playlists threads around here, but the bottom line is:

1. Use m3u format. make sure to save them in “relative” as opposed to “absolute” format

2. save them from your playlist editor directly into the music directory of your server.

3. Make sure you have “process playlists” and “process m3u” turned on in your advanced web config.

If you get all three of those, you should be rewarded with playlists you can see on your soundbridge.

Oh, and don’t forget to scan after doing that. 🙂

— Ron