Reply To: Can no longer modify Firefly Config on NSLU2


Well, today was quite a rollercoaster on the learning curve! Very many thanks to those who helped. I took the advice and upgraded to the latest nightly and, once I’d messed up the config file, uninstalled mt-daapd and reinstalled from scratch, what a difference in speed and performance – it’s really impressive.

Oh, I’m now a black belt in PuTTY and SSH as well (well, at least a yellow belt!).

Please may I ask a supplementary without starting a new thread? I don’t use i-Tunes, so could someone please advise me on the best way to create my own playlists using Cleative MediaSource, Windows Media or similar, and in what format I need to save them? Also, any other clever tips would be appreciated.

Again, many thanks.


Piet c.