Reply To: Can no longer modify Firefly Config on NSLU2


Thank you so much for such rapid responses. You’re quite right – I’d been trying to log in with the wrong PW. Isn’t it sad how old age affects the what’s-it-called!

😆 good one, I have to remember that for later.

Well, I’d suggest you back up your config file.
The format radically changed so its no longer compatible.
Anyway, you just need to adapt the mp3_dir to reflect the path where your music is located.

Everything else is alright by default.

Then again set the mt-daapd.conf to be world-writeable and the rest should work nicely through the web-interface.

The reason for mt-daapd to start so long is that its doing a full-rescan at startup. So depending on your amount of music it might take a couple of mintes to a couple of hours 😉

In newer versions of firefly / mt-daapd this behaviour can be disabled, resulting in vastly improved startup times.