Reply To: Can no longer modify Firefly Config on NSLU2


andyg and fizze –

Thank you so much for such rapid responses. You’re quite right – I’d been trying to log in with the wrong PW. Isn’t it sad how old age affects the what’s-it-called!

Anyway, I can now Telnet in and have used

“chmod 666 /opt/etc/mt-daapd/mt-daapd.conf”

to (re-)enable conf file amendments, so thank you.

Noting that I need to stop and then re-start the server, how long should this take? My server seems to hang for ages, reporting DAAP Server stopping/wait…, while Rendezvous starts and stops immediately. Grateful for any clues.

I’ll take fizze’s advice and upgrade to a more recent nightly, once I’ve restored my confidence.

Thanks again,


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