Reply To: Windows Media Player 11 and WAV Lossless


@harvca wrote:

Current Firefly Software:

Firefly Service 1.0 svn-1359
FireflyShell 1.0 svn-1359
RSP Output Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
FFMPEG Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
WMA Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
Win32 Event Plugin 1.0 svn-1359

I rip using Windows Media Player 11 and rip to WAV Lossless format. I am using a Roku Soundbridge M1001. Firefly does not see my WAV Lossless format files. It does see my WMA Lossless files. I configured Firefly by adding “.wav” to extensions. How do I get Firefly to see the WAV Lossless files?

Try upgrading to latest nightlies. ( There were some wav parsing fixes there. If that doesn’t fix it, email me a copy of the wav file at [email protected], and I’ll fix the wav parser to see it.

— Ron