Reply To: What’s the best way to manage my library?


Well, cool. Thanks for the answers, Ron; this is going to be spectacularly low maintenance, then.

Incidentally, I did find something last night, although I’ll let you decide whether it’s a bug, feature, or just working as designed. 😉 In the above post I mention,

in iTunes I had AIFF and AAC versions of many items

In my iTunes library, so I could easily distinguish between them, I’d use just the standard album title for the AAC version, and append AIFF to the album title in that format. Of course, iTunes dutifully created a folder in the artist’s folder with each version; one folder would be named After Awhile and the other would be After Awhile AIFF, for instance. At least in SVN 1586, Firefly seems to see the space and AIFF in the folder name as a file extension and (I assume because the object isn’t what Firefly expects to have that extension) not index it or its contents.

Once I’ve cleared out the AAC duplicates (and I am keeping backups), I’ll rename the folders and reindex, so it’ll work just fine. And I suspect maybe there are zero to, oh maybe two at the high end? people on Earth who’ll also do this particular sequence of events. But I figured I’d pass it along.