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@bobinchicago wrote:

Is there an optimal method for deletion, or can I just open the share’s window in the Finder (Mac OS X 10.4.10) and command-delete to my heart’s content?

That will work. If you want to keep the data there (for backup purposes) but don’t want to have to see it in firefly, you can remove .m4a from the extensions list and it will drop off the library. But that presupposes you don’t want to see *any* m4a files.

If so, aside from inadvertently deleting anything I don’t want to…, are there any “just make sure I don’t…” type warnings? Or is this really just a situation where I can delete away and I don’t have to worry about any gotchas biting me in the ass down the road? (This is my first NAS, aside from an unsuccessful attempt at getting a Slug running. At least I can use that drive to back up the Linkstation.)

Nope, should be good, assuming this is a COPY of the data, of course, and not the only copies you have of it.

One way or another, am I better off telling Firefly to do a full scan again once my duplicates are gone, or is the Web interface’s regular scan sufficient? Or can I just let the regular automated scan handle it, as long as the half-hour wait isn’t some awful burden for me?

Any of the three are okay. I’d use the web interface, as it’s easiest, but any way you want to let the scan happen should work.

And finally (while this isn’t a Firefly question per se, I’ll hope it’s a Firefly management and compatibility question) I gather that, to add music to the Linkstation library, I just drag the folder over to the iTunes Music folder on the share, using the standard artist-album-song hierarchy. (Making sure the tags have been created with my favorite utility for doing that, of course.) Am I an optimist or is it really that easy?

That’s about it, except for kicking off a rescan, or letting the background scan happen. For me, I hate waiting for the background scan to happen, so I set my rescans to either 0, or some long number (once day) and manually scan when I add new music.

You don’t have to really add it in any organized fashion, either. You can just dump it in there, and it will work fine.

— Ron