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@mallaire wrote:

Hummm… compile a new one?

I am relatively new to all this stuff… I learned to configure a lot of things on Linux, but compiling is something I don’t know yet….

Is this something complicated? I don’t want to abuse of your time, but can you give me a few tips on how to do this?


Here’s the terse answer:

Install the necessary development packages:

[email protected]:~# apt-get install make gcc libc6-dev libsqlite0-dev libid3tag0-dev libflac-dev libvorbis-dev libavahi-client-dev

Download the tarball:

[email protected]:~# wget

Untar it:

[email protected]:~# tar -xvzf mt-daapd-svn-1586.tar.gz
[email protected]:~# cd mt-daapd-svn-1586

configure it:

[email protected]:~/mt-daapd-svn-1586# ./configure –prefix=/usr –enable-avahi –enable-flac –enable-oggvorbis –enable-sqlite

[email protected]:~/mt-daapd-svn-1586# make; make install

Something like that should do it. Again, I hope to have new nightlies tomorrow, so if that fails, check back tomorrow.

— Ron