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@mas wrote:

…since May? Anything special going on?

Lots of code cleanups.

You can track what I’m doing here:

Basically, I’m re-writing all the file and socket code in a new abstraction to be cross-platform, which is essentially done. It compiles and runs now on both windows and unix. Now I just have to finish some cleanups, refactor the plugin code and I’ll have something nightlyable.

By moving all the file handling to one abstraction, I think I can fix all the problems with file system codepage type, as well as the problems with relocating absolute m3u files.

I had hoped this weekend I’d have a nightly to post, but it might still be another couple days. It will also likely be broken when I post it. 🙂

But yeah, work is progressing, mostly on cleanup toward a stable release.

— Ron