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If the problem is Mozy, an offsite backup program, then I should be able to stop it from scanning and backing up the db file. I don’t think Mozy lets you ignore files by extension, but it has a directory check box system for selecting and deselecting which files are in the backup group. I definitely want Mozy to back up my music files, but I guess I don’t need it to back up the firefly db. Is the file I may need to prevent from being backed up the “songs3” database file in the Firefly folder? If the problem is Orb, a media server, then I think I can likewise tell it to look in certain directories and not others. Thanks again for your help. BTW, if you get a chance I’d be grateful for your advice on the config file settings questions I posed in my immediately previous post in this string: I.e., would you recommend setting rescan and always scan to 0 (and just manually telling Firefly to scan when I add new items to my library), and — more importantly — do you think setting m3u to 0 will eliminate those phantom playlists (or is there another fix for that)?