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Reply To: Please help: Unable to open database. Config file posted.



@chriswb wrote:

2007-08-03 14:33:20 (ae0139f2): Query: INSERT INTO updated VALUES (15479)
2007-08-03 14:33:20 (ae0139f2): Error: unable to open database file
2007-08-03 14:33:20: Aborting

This is a program that’s locked the database file when the server tries to open it.

It used to be anti-virus software that would do that, but (assuming you are using sqlite3 as a db backend rather than sqlite2), it should be worked around with the current version.

I’d guess it’s one of the two pieces of software you mentioned.

Do you have an option to not back up files by extension? Like, can you configure it not to back up the database or scan files with an extension of .db?

I think that would probably fix it.

— Ron