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Do you have a mac that you can run the bonjour browser on?

As it happens I do (although I dual-boot Vista, so don’t actually use MacOS on a day-to-day basis.) What would I be looking for?

FYI, with Kaiten’s help we’ve proved that Firefly’s broadcasting by connecting to it with iTunes (both wired and wireless).

Firefly actually advertises two services. one is _daap._tcp, which is what iTunes looks for, the other is _daap._rsp, which is what the soundbridge looks for.

See if you can see the server advertising _daap._rsp with a valid ip address and what not with the bonjour browser.

And it definitely doesn’t work on a wired connection right next to the server?


The other thing would be to check fundamental networking… subnet masks the same across the board? that’s an obvious “can’t see broadcast” problem.