Reply To: Roku Can’t See Linkstation Live/Firefly


@rpedde wrote:

Also, is the server machine a machine with multiple interfaces or ip addresses? Sometimes that makes the built-in mdns unhappy.

By stock the Linkstations have only 1 Interface & have no ability to run aliases. I’m using the exact same binaries.

I’ve repartitioned my dev box today (was running out of dev space), this cleared everything obviously.
Installed stock firmware.
Applied all the known fixes for the LSPro/Live Series..(
Copied a selection of audio files to my Music dir.
Installed svn-1586 as per Bawbaggs instructions, using the binaries/libs supplied by me.
Started firefly.
Logged onto the web interface.
Started a full scan.
Opened iTunes (OS X).
Played flac, ogg, mp3 & m4a.
All played fine. ogg had a 1 sec stutter at the start (Buffering)
Reinstalled all my dev environment.
Tested all again.

At present I can see nothing that would stop the LinkStation from carrying out the task. Unfortunately I don’t have a Ruku Box to fully test this out.