Reply To: Roku Can’t See Linkstation Live/Firefly


I’ve looked at the debugs at higher levels, and can’t see any significant issues, and it just gets to the stage where all the library data makes it difficult to see the wood from the trees – actually, what I’ll do is create a subset of my library (one or two files) and create debugs from 1 – 9 which I’ll then post.

I’m kinda thinking it may be a software issue on the Roku (I’m running the latest code for the Roku Radio beta – if it still is in beta) – when I had Firefly running on my XP box I obviously installed Bonjour, and I’m thinking when I’m running Firefly under the BusyBox OS the communication mechanism is slightly different, and my level of Roku code can’t see Firefly. Pure conjecture, but you’ve got to start somewhere…