Reply To: Complete Newbie: Web Server, PHP, MySQL (Ubuntu-Feisty)


@re2st wrote:

Oh yay! I got it up and running!

Actually, Synaptic Package Manager has it and I just installed it from there, then go to my browser, type in the 3689 port.

I got a little issue though. I want to use all my music in the (internal) hard drive that I have mounted (and shows up on “Computer” already). I don’t seem to be able to do that. Right now, I just test out creating “mp3” directory within my user folder and put some files in it. They all play fine.

Is it possible to use directory on another (internal) drive?


You can go to the web interface, into the configuration tab, and set the “music directory” from the web page.

You’ll need to find the path of the internal drive you have mounted… I imagine you’ll need to browse to the directory that has the mp3 files in and look at the properties on the folder to get the path.

Then paste that into the “music directory” field.

Then back to the status page and hit the “full scan” button.

If that doesn’t find anything, it’s likely a permissions problem… go into the config, and change the “run as” user to your username. Then hit rescan again, and it should probably go.

— Ron