Reply To: adding Windows support for resume-from-standby


[Apologies for the long post; questions are at the bottom]

Thanks for your response, Ron. As I mentioned, I’m still in the experimental phase with all this (not even looking at Firefly source code yet).

My system is behaving much like what’s described in this Microsoft KB article:

But before I get involved in contacting Microsoft (and possibly paying them for a copy of their patch), I did some more experimentation and have some more questions.

First, the fundamental problem for my system is that when it returns from standby after receive a wake-on-LAN, neither the iTunes nor Firefly libraries are visible from the Soundbridge or from a remote iTunes. Also the monitor does not come back on, although as you can see below I’ve found a workaround for that (and I have no real need to turn on the monitor). So far, the only thing that I’ve found to wake it entirely is to move the mouse (clicking is not required). However, the system is not totally dead; far from it. In particular, I can:
(1) execute CGI scripts from a locally installed Apache web server
(2) control it from the commercial Salling Clicker application on my Palm Treo.

Using the web server, I’ve run a Perl Win32::OLE script which asks iTunes for the count of tunes in its library. This works fine, but does not cause iTunes to fully wake-up. Also using the web server, I tried moving the mouse using (Perl’s) Win32-GuiTest. The mouse movement works fine normally (in the non-suspended state), and is properly reflected after the monitor turns back on, but unfortunately this mouse nudging doesn’t have the same “wakeup” effect as moving the real (USB) mouse.

Using Clicker, I move the mouse electronically, also without effect. However, using Clicker when I play an iTunes song and then pause it, this turns the monitor on; but does not cause either the iTunes or Firefly library to appear on a remote iTunes or Soundbridge.

So … my questions are:
(1) Is their any way (preferably via a CGI script) to “tickle” either iTunes or Firefly or Bonjour so that the iTunes or Firefly library will be listed in a remote iTunes or Soundbridge?
(2) Can someone please explain the mechanism by which iTunes and/or Firefly “advertise their wares?” This seems to require a more active role than, say, listening to port 80 for an HTTP connection.

Thanks in advance for any advice.