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Okay, I’d like to start working toward a new stable, and am asking for opinions.

Here are the things I want to fix before a stable:

1. Finish the io abstraction stuff
2. Fix the db abstraction, and put back the gdbm backend
3. Move playlists to files
4. Finish the renaming, and make everything refer to firefly, not mt-daapd
5. Small misc patches and fixes I have pending (some web interface patches, autoconf patches, wav parsing fixes)
6. RPM packages for nightlies
7. Fix web config buglets

Stuff that’s on the timeline, but I intend to pass on for the next stable release:

1. UPnP
2. Scripting plugin (lua, or ruby, or both?)
3. Playlist improvements (top n, sort by)
4. Move scanners to plugins
5. Implement taglib-based scanner
6. Growl integration (mac)
7. Sparkle integration (mac)
8. Help file (culled from wiki)
9. Updated ffmpeg for windows

There are a couple things I want to change before a stable:

1. Version numbers – I want to sync this with the Roku releases to avoid confusion. I think the best way to do that is to call the upcoming stable release “v1.2”. Opinions? That’s a big jump from 0.2.4 to 1.2. 🙂

2. DB playlists — I’ll have code to migrate from in-database playlists to file-based playlists in v1.2, but will be deprecated, and removed before a “1.3” release.

3. state_dir. I want to specify a single directory for storing server state. I’ll use that directory for the path to store the db in, as well as the file-based playlists, and other misc stuff I might need (cache dir for transcoded files, maybe, or per-user playlists, or other stuff). So the db_param parameter will be empty for sqlite and sqlite2 databases, and will only be used for backend databases that require configuration (like mysql or postgres).

All that said, I’m soliciting feedback. Does anyone have anything they think should be in the “must do before 1.2” list? Or anything they feel should be moved up from the “not going to do” to “must do” list?

Anyone have any opinions on the version number?

Any specific small fixes anyone thinks must be fixed pre-1.2?

Feedback, please.

— Ron

rpms please 🙂

you forgot about the fedora crowd

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