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@howe222 wrote:

mt-daapd/Firefly Version: nightly 1498
Server Operating System: Suse 10.0
Server Hardware: AMD PC
Client Device: iTunes 7.3.1 for Windows
Connection of clients: Win through router (connection working)

Firefly was running smoothly, unluckly I downloaded the latest version of itunes and suddenly I’m not able to play the music on my win clients anymore
all the time I receive the follwing error msg

Entering ws_returnerror (404: not found)
Error opening /MNT/MP3/xxx.mp3: No such file or directory

What puzzle me, is the fact, that the path is written in Uppercase but the right path is in lowercase ????

Any idea

There is an option for file system case sensitivity. Sounds like you have “Case Sensitive” set to “No” in the web config.

Try setting it to “Yes” and doing a full rescan.

— Ron