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@pothjeff wrote:

I installed the Feisty nightly of Firefly, configured it, but can’t get it to play back the .flac files. The .conf is set to play them, the roku recognizes them, but won’t play back. My permissions are all set properly, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

Also, the web interface doesn’t work- I can’t tell if it’s because Firefox is adding www and .com to http://server:3689/ or whether firefox is just not hosting it.

Help please.

It’s possible I don’t have the flac command line tools as a prereq for the package. Is the flac package installed?

As far as the web server goes, can you get to it by ip address?

Try editing the config file by hand and setting the debuglevel to 9, and specifying a log file. Then look at the logs during startup and when you are trying to play a flac. The debug logs should give you more information.

You can also post a snippet of the log files here, for others to look at and possibly assist with.

— Ron