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@fizze wrote:

Be careful when using DHCP with the slug.
I almost bricked mine because this was not working.
So i went back in assigning static IPs and DNSs to my slug.

FYI I use a WRT54G router with HyperWRT Thibor, and its workign like a charm.
I believe I read somewhere on the nslu2-linux wiki that there is a flaw in the dhcp-client in R63/Unslung that causes hickups.

I was burned by this with Unslung 6.8 / dd-wrt :(. I think it’s an incompatibility with dnsmasq when it’s configured to assign IP’s based on client mac address. The debrick isn’t too bad (redboot and reset slug sysconfig) and is well documented on the wiki but the sudden loss of a perfectly working slug is painful… …static IP’s for me all the way now!