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But if you ARE running ipv6 as well as ipv4 things seem OK both with Vista and XP with iTunes and svn-1586 (running on Vista). Firefly Server shows up in iTunes just fine.

99 % of all users probbably don’t run IPv6, and showing up is not enough. The Firefly Server was shown in iTunes on my machine, but connecting was not possible.
BTW, I think this is either an error in iTunes or mDNSResponder, because why the hell iTunes thinks it should connect to a wrong IP (in case the Server has 2 NIC’s).


The apple mDNS responder is pretty stupid on non-osx machines. Really, on linux machines avahi is the way to go, now that it’s stabilized.

Seems like thre was an update to iTunes in the last day or two to 7.3.2. I wonder if that fixes that problem. Haven’t gotten to look closely at it yet.