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Does anyone else have this problem with the latest iTunes under W2K, or do my problems discourage anyone from upgrading ? As there’s nothing in the log, it seems iTunes does’nt even try to connect.
I thought, that maybe proxy settings are taken from the web browser, but the web proxy logs don’t show any connections either.

And the subject should of course be ” iTunes in the latest version not working with mt-daapd” 😉 I can (still) connect via Soundbridge and rhythmbox without any problems.
Will try to downgrade iTunes this evening, that shold do it.


I have exactly the same problem with the latest version of iTunes and XP.

I noticed that on mac, with latest bonjour it’s trying to connect to the IPv6 address, not the IPv4 one. Wonder if that’s it?

I’ll try and add IPv6 to the next build. I’ve merged up the test branch into the mainline branch, and hope to have it cleaned up and compilable again on windows in a day or two.

— Ron