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OK, Nevermind my post [but don’t igore the original poster].

Somehow I managed to view my mt-daapd server in iTunes.
I’m not sure what was the fix, but along the way I

  • restarted both systems (the client and server machines),
  • installed SQLite0,
  • realized the warning against SQLite3 in the FAQ found on the wiki is out of date
    [], so I…
  • uninstalled SQLite0

Also, judging from Ron’s comments in other posts, the admin page will say that Bonjour is stopped even though it may be running.

@rpedde wrote:

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 10:36 pm

@Digital Larry wrote:

Going back to /etc/init.d and invoking “mt-daapd start”, causes 4 mt- daapd processes to be launched.

That’s normal. With linuxthreads, you get a process-per-thread. They are clone()’d though, so they are pretty lightweight. As light as a thread on a “normal” system.