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@davesanti wrote:

Ron, I am not smart enough to do anything to stop the web interface from running … 😀

I didnt make any changes.. like I said, I moved it and rebooted. I have some new antivirus/firewall software running on one of my computers.

As far as checking fro thttpd process running with ‘ps auxw’.. I can’t telnet into the Slub because it is disabled as a default on bootup.




Hrmph. Not sure what would cause it to go toes-up, then. The only thing I could think to do would be to try ssh (that should be working if you followed the default instructions for unslinging), and seeing if you see anything in the /var/log/syslog file about why the web server wouldn’t start.

I can’t think of what it would be off the top of my head, but if it isn’t starting, it almost certainly logged *something* to the syslog.

— Ron