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@davesanti wrote:


FF is running… perhaps I hadn’t noticed in thepast that it takes a little bit of time to get started.

I still have the same problem, with the Slug no web interface and no telenet access… without it I cant manage the Slug.. maybe I dont care..

If I type in the Slug IP and add :3689 I get the FF interface. If I type in the Slug IP, no go.

BTW I can ping the Slug and it comes back fine.


The startup delay is the initial scan… that usually takes a while.

As far as the web interface not starting, that’s kind of strange. The web interface should be part of the built-in firmware, and I didn’t think that could be stopped, unless there was a diversion script or something to stop the built-in webserver.

Do you see the thttpd process running with ‘ps auxw’?