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@jheinitz wrote:


I have installed latest nightly (svn-1586) on my NSLU2 running unslung 6.8. I have tried to access the applet using and I can access it. I recognized that I can play .mp3 files, but I’m not able to play .ma4 (aac) files. When I select an .m4a file, I can see that it is trying to play the file, but then skips to the next and so on.

Is this problem related to the Internet Explorer I use? I tried IE 6 and IE7 both on Windows XP SP2. Is there a special plugin that needs to be available on the PC or does it simply not work for .m4a files at all?

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PS: Ron, when can we expect the next nightly???

I think it may just be related to the applet itself not being able to play m4a files. Sadly, the site that the applet used to be on disappeared, and I haven’t been able to get in contact with the author to get the source to host it so people can improve it.

I think what will happen is that that will disappear in favor of a web/flash based solution. Someone in one of the other forums was talking about possibly picking up the web interface to start working on it to add stuff like that, but haven’t heard back yet on that.

As far as nightlies, it’s slow going. Once I started working on the io stuff, I found lots of code cleanups to do — cleaning up APIs, that sort of thing, so I’ve been breaking quite a lot lately.

It compiles and runs right now (on unix, not windows again yet), but I’ve been working on it pretty regularly and hope to have something soonish. I hope to have the unix side pretty much done this weekend, so maybe by next weekend.

Likely it will be fairly broken, though. 🙁

— Ron