Reply To: Firefly now running on unmodifed Linkstation Live/Pro


Hello bawbagg,

just registered to say thank you for the great instructions you provided. I originally found your post on the linkstationwiki forums in search for a replacement of the Live’s stock mt-daapd (which accessed the HD like crazy).

It took me about 4 minutes installing a recent Firefly using your wiki article. Thanks!

One more thing: Additionally to your instructions I changed the file permissions on the config file to be able to change config through the web interface (standard file permissions from the tar would result in the web interface not being able to write to the file). All is well now, web interface gives errors sometimes when writing a new password or server name (Error500:adminpass e.g.) but I think this is Firefly-related. The changes work regardless. Others fields work without any error as far as i remember…