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Reply To: iTunes uploading to firefly



You are soo responsive. Not something i am used to from other forums and things i use online.

Additional questions..

If i move the directory over to the slug and set up itunes to use it over the network, can i rsync without creating two copies of the music. IE, my itunes uses it directly but my son who just listens to it, can use it as an iTunes server?

Additionally, what IS this rsync tool. (a link would be just fine as opposed to a long description).

I understand that you also cannot use songs on the shared resource to sync to an ipod? Is this something that can be worked around without having to ditch iTunes entirely. I may be in the minority, but I actually do like iTunes with the usual caveats…

(hate drm…)

As this is my newest foray into this world, its very intriguing all that can be done, MCE’s upnp, dnla, this itunes server, appletv…

It seems that there is still so much to be done to realize all this potential. Next thing i want to do is start taking my movies and start importing them into something (iTunes) and start viewing them on my TVs and such. Real exciting stuff here…

Any suggestions on things I can start looking at with these new things to start getting more out of what i have? Suggestions about where this is going, and such?