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Reply To: How to stream or play mp4-videos with mt-daapd and itunes ?



hi ron,

thank you for your quick answer … but it doen’t really help.

Now i’ve installed iTunes 7.3 as client to be sure that it works, you wrote, i need min. version 7.2. But the video is still shown in the songlist of iTunes, but when i want to start (and view) it, nothings happen. Have i somthing forgotten to config? i compiled my svn-1519 (for the art_filename-feature) only with –enable-sqlite3 and that was it. Have i to install more to get this work?

my mt-daapd.conf is the following:

web_root = /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/admin-root
port = 3689
admin_pw = mypassword
db_type = sqlite3
db_parms = /usr/local/var/cache/mt-daapd
mp3_dir = /SAN/MP3
servername = Server (%v)
runas = mt-daapd
playlist = /usr/local/etc/mt-daapd.playlist
#password = mp3
extensions = .mp3,.m4a,.m4p,.mp4
ssc_codectypes = ogg,flac,alac
ssc_prog = /usr/local/bin/
logfile = /var/log/mt-daapd.log
rescan_interval = 0
# always_scan = 0
# process_m3u = 0
scan_type = 2
#compress = 0
art_filename = _folderOpenImage.jpg

plugin_dir = /usr/local/share/mt-daapd/plugins

my testvideo is called “Zeitung.mp4”, stored in /SAN/MP3/Video and has the same access-rights in the filesystem like the other (working) MP3-Files. After a manual started scan mt-daapd recognize the file, the logfile-entry says

2007-06-30 11:49:39 (bc9c1b6b): Scanned 95 songs (was 94) in 1 seconds

I also tried

ssc_codectypes = ogg,flac,alac,mp4a

Is there something wrong … or am i only to stupid to unterstand what to do?

Thank you very much …