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Reply To: How to stream or play mp4-videos with mt-daapd and itunes ?



@alhifi wrote:

Good morning!

I have searched and read this forum up and down, but i am not sure about that what i have found:

Can mt-daapd (Nighly Version 1519) stream videos?

I have one for testing and it works fine if i import and play it with itunes. If i save this one in the folder with the mp3-files and do a scan, nothing happens. Then i added the extension .mp4 to the list behind the variable “extensions”, do another scan and it appears when i connect my itunes to mt-daapd … but it will not played in itunes.

What must i do or configure that it works … if it is possible …


BTW: Sorry for my bad english, it’s very early in the morning (here) and i am very tired after hours of testing that.

It should work. If you have iTunes 2Gb. Other than that, it should work though.

I have found it works better with iTunes 7.2.

— Ron