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Reply To: USB 2.0 drive enclusures for Slug with FF



@sansp00 wrote:

Well, Im back from slug hell … Like for many other things, Murphy’s law stroke again.
Just to put everybody in the context:
I run 2 (a main & a backup) Unslung NSLU2 (unslung to a flash drive) with a HDD hooked up to each (320Gig and 250Gig) to run backups, FF and Twonky. Was doing maintenance on my main slug to upgrade samba and screwed up big time (my fault). So I opted to put my backup Slug into the spotlight. Ish, I discovered that the fan in the enclosure had failed and the drive was overeating and failing badly.

So can someone recommend me good and reasonably priced IDE (or IDE & SATA) USB2.0 enclosures for 3.5 inch drives for me ? The enclosure I had were cheap Cintre Zdisk which I have been quite displeased with from the start (poor fitting, noisy, flimsy hardware, never got the mail in rebate from the company and now failure).

Thanks for the help (and reading through my adventure/complaints)
Patrick S.

I’ve got three different ones that I don’t like. Two adaptec ones, two Macally ones, and two from a company called “Mad Dog”, that I think is oem’d by someone else.

Not happy with any of them.

I’ve been fairly pleased with the IBM/Hitachi hard drives I have though — you have to set the spindown from a dos boot disk with the drive attached to an ide cable, but once that’s done, it works fine.

— Ron