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Thanks, guys.. I am in Northern California, just North of San Francisco.

I think I was able to do it so quickly because I have spent so much time thinking about this stuf, tryign and re trying various things that all the screens, menus, choices became easy.

I formatted the HDD with a different XP machine while I did the other work.

Let me clarify everything was up and running in less then an hour. It took another 20 minutes or so the format the HDD with the Slug to ext3. The biggest time eater wre the 1) flash of the firmware, reboots of the Slug which seem to take 3 – 4 minutes each and the format of the mem stick to ext3 which took 5 – 10 minutes.

I finally got some sleep last night… and the Slug seems happy..

And the kicker…the drive was spun down and silent when I got up this morning. As soon as I turned the Rolu on and cliked on FF, it spun up and found my stuff in seconds. I noticed no delay difference from turning things on when the drive is running.

I dont need to access the Music everyday or more then a few hours at a time so I wanted a solution that will allow the drive to spin down. The reason for all this runaround is the first time I did this, I used the HDD only and it would never spin down.

Thanks everyone,