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Reply To: So now I have gone and made soup of it all…




Well, things went from bad to worse and I finally gave up on that Slug…

Out of sheer mania to get things right, (and maybe lack of sleep) I went down to the local Comp Usa, dropped a C Note on another slug and tried again… very carefully…

Would you believe…..

Less then one hour start to finish.. running like a charm.

I unslung to port 1 (memory stick) and then when everything looked good I formatted the HDD on port 2.

FF latest nightly running great.. transferring a bunch of music to the HDD.

Thank you all for your help…You actually gave me a lot of good tips and advice.

If anyone wants a new de-underclocked Slug…which has problems, but may not yet be a total brick, I am willing to give it up for a very reasonable price 😀