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@davesanti wrote:

Rob, I performed a clean install and have reflashed/reslung to the 2gb stick on port 2.


Just wondering why you have the stick in port 2? From what I have read, port 1 seems to be the preferred port when unslinging to stick. I have done this a couple of times (following Rich Dunlop’s write up) and found no major problems.

One thing I noticed in your other thread(s) on the Roku forum – I think you reformatted the stick between attempts. This is good, but you may need to do more than that. The unslinging creates 3 partitions on the stick, and I found it best to remove all partitions on the stick using the Windows Disk Manager and create a single formatted partion before letting the slug see it, just in case it saw something left over from the previous attempts.

I’ve got an install as well using Rich’s guide ( with stick on 1 and drive on 2.