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Well, there are many many media browser devices available.

– Pinnacle Showcenter 200 / 1000
– Netgear EVA700 / 8000
– I-O Data LinkPlayer
– Buffalo LinkTheater
– Snazio Net Cinema
– H&B DNX-8620
– Quartek WHD-500
– Quartek I-Box 800
– Transgear DVX 700
– Transgear DVX 500
– Omisys DVD PN210V
– DigitalRise Xstream Player

(most of the list ripped blatantly off )

There are many many servers that run on the slug. I am serving to a Showcenter 200, and I use wizd. (Although its only one of many alternatives. just to name a few)
Wizd also allows me to serve big files (>2GB) without a hitch. And the slugs performance is decent enough to allow HDTV stuff.