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@thefloyd wrote:

I downloaded and installed Firefly primarily for the purpose of playing FLAC files on my Roku Soundbridge M1000. I am running Windows XP home and I installed Bonjour and Firefly, both downloaded from the links on Roku’s website. According to the roku site, Firefly is able to play FLAC, but when I configure Firefly, the only options I see are for MP3s. Firefly is unable to see FLAC files. In folders with only FLAC files, Firefly says that there are no songs. In folders with both FLAC and MP3s, all Firefly sees are the MP3s.
Long story short, can Firefly serve FLAC files to my Soundbridge, and if yes, then what do I need to do to configure it to work. Any help would be greatly appretiated.

Ah, yeah. Sorry… by default flac isn’t indexed. The next version will have it by default.

Go into the web interface from the pushbutton on the tray icon, and hit the “config” tab. You might have to hit the “show advanced config” link as well. Find the config entry for “extensions”, and add “.flac” to the list.

Then, go back to the status page and hit the “scan” button.

Wait for it to index, then you should be good.

— Ron