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Reply To: How do I remove double listings in Firefly




Thanks for the reply.

It didn’t work.

Just to be sure did you mean this should be set to yes?
Case Sensitive No / Yes Is the filesystem case sensitive?

Tried it both ways anyway.

However, have done a little digging and I seem to have many libraries for I-tunes – I guess I just delete the older ones to stop Firefly scanning them.

The reason this has probably come about, is that I had a PC die – due to CPU frying itself (Christmas Eve), and recently suffered a loss of OP system, may have been due to a virus.

In trying to save my music and photos I may have used a clumsy approach, or perhaps set I-tunes back up differently – worked OK for the photos, but all I needed was to copy them!

Anyway, using the 6P approach (proper pre-planning….etc.) I have invested in NAS drive Lacie EDmini, and intend to set this up as the server, attached to my wireless router.

So I can live without playlists for the moment.

I will almost certainly be back with further questions.

Many thanks for your help.