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Reply To: a scan did not recognize deleted songs in the filesystem



@rpedde wrote:

The art_filename made the code really gross, and it was making adding features hard. So I killed it.

Mhhh, that’s really bad, i love especially this feature of firefly. I connect the server via iTunes …

As far as the art_filename goes, you can use something like mp3tag to import cover art from folder images

But make this not the mp3-files bigger, when i save a cover to each soundfile? If a have a 2-CD-album with 40 songs, i have the size of 40 covers more …

I’m not a programmer, but if you have the code for art_filename, is it not possible to seperate them by default in an extra file and it will be implemeted during a ./configure only with a parameter like –with-art_filename ?

The actual nightly version seems to be much better than the stable 0.2.4, but the art_filename-feature for me as an example is more important than the possibility to edit/create smart lists (or what they called, sorry, i’m @work).

I consider to switch back to 0.2.4 … to have art_filename again … okay, and the bug about the deleted files …