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Yes sir, see log 😉

hrm… maybe I thought you had a G: drive on your linux box.

Yeah, it’s the version of ffmpeg I have. The version I have compiled with the windows distro is the last one I could find that actually *compiled* on win32. Since then, they’ve been bickering about windows on the mailing lists rather than actually trying to make it compile on windows.

I tried again a few months ago to see if anything was compilable yet, but it wasn’t. I can look again.

G’day Ron, unfortunately I’ve just finished a grueling few weeks re-tagging all my flacs so they are nice, neat, tidy and consistent with my mp3 collection – however this also included the common practice of tagging album art. To cut a long story short, many of my flacs now no longer stream via firefly. I know you’re snowed under at the moment but I’d really appreciate it if you could look into recompiling the latest ffmpeg for transcoding that doesn’t crash on my (now newly retagged) flac files.

Thanks, Michael

Addendum: It does not appear to be the album-art per-se that is causing all the issues. In particular there are songs that play and have an album picture tag and there are songs that won’t, even if I clear that tag completely. I somewhat stumped as to what specifically is causing firefly to crash when attempting to recode but will let you know if I figure it out.

p.s. Ok, the problem appears to be a buffer overflow within ffmpeg whilst processing the OGG-FLAG tags. If the total size of the tags (including padding) exceeds some magic number (yet to be determined, but I suspect it is around either 16kb or 32kb) it crashes, bringing down firefly with it. The hack to workaround it is to completely remove all tags (using metaflac or the flac-gui) and then just re-tag basic information and album art to each file. I’d prefer a perma-fix though if possible.