Reply To: Share through WAN port?


Heres a tricky one:
The server is all set up and it works just fine. I just found out that I’m not broadcasting to the whole building because there are 5 different subnets, and apparently i can only see and share to my subnet. I talked with the network engineer and this was what he said:

Our Resnet network consists of the following subnets.
ID Subnet IP Address Mask Router
71 resnet-wads-g1 23 M160
72 resnet-wads-2 23 M160
73 resnet-wads-3 23 M160
74 resnet-wads-4 23 M160
75 resnet-wads-5 23 M160
76 resnet-wmcnair 23 M160
77 resnet-emcnair 22 M160
78 resnet-dhh 22 M160
79 resnet-heights 22 M160

A ‘broadcast’ or SMB share should work only within the local subnet.

Generally multicast will work across any of these subnets. IF the
application sets the TTL short, or a group for local it may not traverse
the network beyond a local subnet.

Can I somehow share to the whole building even though we’re all on different subnets?