Reply To: Share through WAN port?


@dantidote wrote:

Dang, well now that rendezvous proxy has taken over, i need to get it to run as a windows service, so it can run without me logging in. This is a problem because it’s a Java app. I think i need to create a java wrapper, but that confuses the hell out of me.
Are there any other mdns proxies out there as an exe?
can i drop rendezvousproxy and instead compile mdnsproxyresponder for windows?
or would it be easier just to make the move to linux?

Okay, I see what you are saying now. Is your daap server the router? I’m not sure why it would see two advertisements outside your network unless your router was forwarding outbound mdns. Which it shouldn’t because it’s natted. Oh well.

As far as the java thing, I have no idea at all. I tend to avoid java. 🙂

As far as moving to linux goes, I’m not sure what that buys on on the server. You could at least control ttl that way and not have the natted advertisement appear on the outside network, but that’s about it, I think.