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@dantidote wrote:

Ok, well I’m finally back in school now, and i just want to make sure I got all this figured out.

Firstly, Do I need to forward 5353?

Secondly there are 2 shares appearing in iTunes, the rendezvous proxy works, but the firefly one is using the wrong IP therefore nobody can connect to it over the WAN. Can I disable the firefly mDNS? using -m right? On my windows box, how can I make the service always use -m?

no, you dont’ need to forward 5353. that’s the rendezvous proxy.

Did you read the ssh tunnel article?

Inside your own network, don’t use rendezvous proxy. Use the default mdns responder.

Inside your network, you have a server ip address like or something. The public side of your router has an isp assigned ip address, like or something. On your router, forward 3689 from the outside to on 3689 so you have port forwarding for the daap connection.

When you are outside of your local net, then set mdns proxy to advertise for (the public side of your router).

that’s really all there is to it.

— Ron