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@baloo wrote:

Hi! first of all i’m a brand new user of FireFly product and this is a wonderful one.

There is my problem, i have a ftp server where my NSLU2 sync every hours and bring all of songs into local directory : /home/media/mp3

If my iTunes (7.2 on apple computer) is open after the succesful db update of FireFly, i can’t see the new files.

If i close iTunes and reopen it the llibrary is up to date.

There a test a did. If my iTunes is open and i add some songs, the other iTunes dynamically update the library.

Ha yes, my Firefly version is 2.4, Thks

Updates aren’t really working right yet. At some point I hope to have it working, but until then closing and re-opening iTunes is the way to see new files.

— Ron

Thks for your help guys let me know please if something is done for this 😀