Reply To: itunes playlists are not updated


@creese wrote:

I deleted all xml files from the nslu. I then rescanned and it removed all playlists (as expected). I copied the xml file from the itunes directory back to the nslu into the base folder. I rescan and my playlist names are there but there are zero songs listed in them.

from windows xp perspective the directory is as follows s:/itunes.xml
where the music is s:/itunes/song folders. I think I tried to move the xml file one level below into the itunes folder above the song folders but it would not pick up even the playlist names after a rescan at that point.

Any help?

No, but if you set up a 9 debuglevel and specify a logfile, then do a full rescan and email me the log file it generates, I can find out. I’ve heard a couple people say that, and I’m not entirely sure what the issue is.

I’d sure like to see a good debuglog of it happening.

Oh, you can email it to me at [email protected]

— Ron