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You didnt enable compression in the mt-daapd config file by any chance?

Not deliberately – how would I check?

Other than that, did you try to connect throug DAAP or RCP?

errm don’t know

If you have a pinnacle branded soundbridge forget about DAAP, if yours is a roku, then try not to load the plugin.

I’m in the UK so mine’s a Pinnacle. The reason for installing firefly as opposed to Pcast which is already on my TS is so I can play iTunes playlists

Can you try to connect with any other clients? GIT? iTunes, banshee, rhythmbox?

Yes I can connect using iTunes on my PC

Error in zlib: -2 – This may have been co-incidence as it doesn’t always happen
Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting. – This does