Reply To: Playlist help for a totally new beginner.


@rickchic wrote:

I have a Roku SoundBridge and was using Windows Media Player 11 for my library. Something bad happened, WMP 11 could not see my library anymore, yet the Roku could. Uninstalling and reinstalling netted Roku not seeing the library anymore.

Off a page on the Roku website I saw mention of Firefly. Quickly I was able to get it up and running on the Roku. But I do not know how to create playlists. Some of the discussion topics (make that ALL the topics I have read so far) are above my current (and probably future) knowledge.

Simple question, how do I make playlists so Roku can play them using the Firefly server?

Any media player or playlist editor that can save in .m3u format should be able to do it.

So Winamp, Foobar, WMP (if you export as .m3u rather than whatever it wants to save as), as well as any number of playlist-only software should be able to do it.

— Ron