Reply To: Migrating iTunes playlists


@mpuckett wrote:

Ok, a couple of points then…. 1. I am not sharing this particular filesystem with Samba. This is a journaled ext3 filesystem if that makes any difference.

Just so long as the filenames get created as utf-8, you’ll be fine — however you do that.

2. So the pathname is a backwalking algorithm then? There will be a point in the Library which will be replicated as I copy the files over as things are stored in Artist/Album/Songs I believe but the mount points will most certainly be very different.

Should be fine. Just dump the .xml file in the topmost common directory.

3. What about the smart playlists? Must those be manually recreated?

Nope, they come over as well, although they are no longer smart — they are “staticized” at the time of the transfer. If you want to make them smart again, you’ll have to recreate those using the web interface and the new playlist language and all.

The xml file has a list of the files covered by the smart playlist, but the actual playlist itself is some kind of binary blob that I don’t think anyone has decoded, so it isn’t (afaik) yet possible to convert the playlist in a smart way.

— Ron